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United States of America
Probably no other country in the world attracts so much attention as the United States. Known as the country of superlatives the USA attracts next to England the majority of foreign students. Its population of over 290 million is extremely diverse offering a home to cultures from all over the world. This is why most international students looking to study English in the USA feel welcome and integrate very quickly into the American lifestyle.

You can choose from a variety of destinations to take English language courses in the US that differentiate themselves not only in geography but also in population size, cultural heritage and climate : New York City being the most popular destination is simply known as world capital, Boston with its strong European heritage is famous for its renown universities like Harvard or if you prefer more sunny places you can choose from Santa Monica in Los Angeles, surfer's paradise in California or Miami with its spicy rhythms and Caribbean influence.

Choose your destination in the USA :

Los Angeles / Santa Monica
Learn English in Los Angeles / Santa Monica, USA

English language courses in Los Angeles / Santa Monica

Boston language school - courses all year

English language courses in Boston

New York / Grand Central
English language school lessons in New York City

English language courses in New York City

San Diego
San Diego English intensive courses at English school

English language courses in San Diego

Miami Beach
Study english in Miami beach, Florida, USA

English language courses in Miami Beach

Honolulu / Hawaii
English language school Honolulu, Hawaii

English language courses in Honolulu, Hawaii

Ft. Lauderdale / Miami English Language Courses in Florida

English language courses in Fort Lauderdale

San Francisco
English language school in San Francisco

English language courses in San Francisco

Study English in Denver, language course in Colorado

English language courses in Denver, Colorado

Hollywood / LA English Language Courses in Hollywood

English language courses in Hollywood

Boston Suburbs English Language Courses in Boston Suburbs

English language courses in Boston Suburbs

New York / Times Square English Language Courses in New York Times Square

English language courses in New York Times Square

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